Go after the things that you want. Graduation is a great time to connect with others. You may never see some of these people ever again but you want to stay connected to them. Why? You and your fellow graduates are the future of our country. You are future Presidents, Vice Presidents, Business owners, doctors, lawyers, etc… You would be surprised at how connections can help you. They can help you to get a job. They can help you in business. Connections are the key to your future success. How can you stay connected? Connect on social media, particularly LinkedIn and hand out a business card. You would be surprised at how long people keep business cards for.

I get asked, “Do you know someone who does…” you name the business. I easily say, “Well yes I do” and I refer business to many people who I know or have given me a business card. I have even given a referral for someone whom I met over 5 years ago and even over 20 years ago. Last year I gave a referral to a high school friend whom I know started a business in another state. It was a multi-million dollar deal!

Create an email address that you plan on having for the rest of your life. Use that on your business cards now. When you have a professional career, you can also add that email underneath your professional email address. This way, as you change careers, people can still contact you.

As you move forward from graduation, we are excited to see your future. Keep us in mind when you are ready for your own business card and print products.


Watch this great video. “You deserve the styrofoam cup!”

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