We attend many events throughout the year. We meet many people in the local community as well as nationwide. As a Nisqually Tribe owned business, we attend events to include the recent National Congress of American Indians held in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week. We shake many hands and distribute our custom printed business cards.

But after these events, what is next? Studies have been conducted that say that 75% of what you say to someone is forgotten the very next day. People are busy. Especially if they own a business. So what can you do to remind them?

A business card generally has some very valuable information. It generally has an email address, a phone number and an address. In sales, studies have also shown that it takes multiple interactions with someone before they may buy from you or become your client. Maybe they need to get more information. Maybe they need to do their “research.” Maybe they just need to feel comfortable about doing business with you. So I am going to share some of my best practices to help you reconnect with those you just met.

First, no matter who they are, whether you think they are a potential client or not, send an email. Don’t add them to a mass email list. That will turn people away from you quickly. Send them a personalized email. Add a small photo of yourself at the bottom, under your signature block. It will help remind them of who you are. Tell them you were pleased to meet them. Make them an offer to join your email list. This requires you to have a great email system which you can find here to keep those contacts updated but also allows you to send vibrant emails that will interest them in opening the email. Adding people to an email list without their permission can cause you troubles with your email provider and even get your emails marked as spam to those you want to reach. They will never see your emails again.

Get on LinkedIn. If you are not on LinkedIn, you are losing out on a very valuable tool. It gives you additional credibility. It allows some to see if you are connected with mutual friends which can help you to get reviews or referrals. After attending an event and you collected all of those business cards from others, get on LinkedIn and search for the names on the cards. Send them a “connect” with another note that says, “Glad to have met you.” Maybe you aren’t a right fit for each other right away. But every year give them a “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Work Anniversary” as LinkedIn notifies you of these things. Overall, it’s just a great way to be a great person to others.

Whoever you do, don’t send them text messages unless they asked for it. Text messaging has a 98% open rate and the receiver will get it. However, I generally reserve texting for the most important reason, the next meeting. There are some exceptions but you can feel out individuals to see how they prefer to communicate.

Don’t send them a Facebook invite. Too many send a “friend and invite” to ‘like’ their business Facebook pages. This is not how to use Facebook. People use it for entertainment. They use it for fun. They aren’t using Facebook to be pitched and they certainly don’t want to give your business Facebook page a ‘like’ which essentially endorses you when they have no idea who you are.

It is imperative to stay connected to all of those you meet. If you haven’t built your LinkedIn profile, they are easy to do and I highly suggest that you get connected as soon as possible. Networking is a long term game plan and the longer you wait, the longer that it will take you develop the relationships that will help you and your business into the future.

Finally, a business card and other print products are invaluable products that will showcase you, your business and your brand. Nisqually Post and Print is ready to create your custom products. Give us a call to get a quote and get started. 360-338-6431. After all, you want others to connect with you in the same way that we mentioned above.

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